Lab love: 33 science gifts for Valentine's Day–or any occasion

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With Valentine's Day just a few days away, now's the perfect time to exercise your New Year's resolution to stop procrastinating.

Whether you're seeking something unique for the special science-lover in your life or just want to impress your favorite peer, professor or PI, these gifts are guaranteed to gain you points on any occasion:

  1. For the fashionable one in your lab; doubles as a reminder to keep pipetting: Petri Dish Scarf
  2. I’m just keepin’ MITOSIS WARM: Science Socks
  3. Your PI will thank you during (uninterrupted) meetings: Phone Silencer
  4. For the metal head in your life: Gallium
  5. Know somebody submitting a thesis or grant request? Worry Beads
  6. Keep the caffeine buzz going: Glass Chemistry Mug
  7. Cartoon science mug: Science Mug
  8. Chromosome cookies are always in season: Chromosome Cookie Cutter
  9. Double the helix, double the fun: DNA Helicase Computer Decal
  10. The literal key to happiness: Serotonin Keychain
  11. So you look fly, but ready for science: Neuron Necktie
  12. You can never have too many markers, genetic or otherwise: Sharpies
  13. So the miscellaneous items on your bench don’t go mysteriously missing: Magnetic Cup
  14. A friendly reminder that work and play can go hand-in-hand: Elements Koozie
  15. Foot protection is a must: Fashion-Forward Crocs
  16. For the night shift: Glow in the Dark Tape
  17. Fine tune your dissecting skills during break: Operation Game
  18. Pick your favorite, then gift the rest: Colored Tape
  19. Pair with a metallic sharpie and have your lab sign it for the lab manager: Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat
  20. Because pipettes won’t quench your thirst: Hydro Flask
  21. Do PCR (and play Pokémon Go) till 2 a.m.: Portable Phone Charger
  22. Stay cozy, stay relevant: Periodic Table Blanket or Neuron Blanket
  23. Sign your lab up for an account to help share documents:
  24. For the one who just can’t put it down: Thinking Putty or Floof
  25. For the one with an artistic side—and who hates contaminants: Buddha Board
  26. For the power napper; works on benches and fume hoods: Mini Ostrich Napping Pillow
  27. Prove it once and for all: IQ Test Gift Box
  28. Lab-safe treats that hide your mistakes: Mini Food Erasers
  29. Be one step ahead of the game; ideal for wet labs: Waterproof Notepad
  30. To get those tough spots on your glassware: Magnetic Spot Scrubber
  31. For the kitchen PI: Chemist Spice Rack
  32. Spruce up your scopes with adorable microbes: Petri Dish Ornament
  33. Who doesn’t want to cuddle? Giant Microbes

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