6 reasons Quartzy beats spreadsheets for lab management


Monica Monica Velarde


As Quartzy's Customer Support Lead, I love seeing firsthand how our free platform eases the typical pain points and inefficiencies of lab management, allowing scientists to focus on research rather than endless filtering. Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets are great for calculations, but let's face it: They're terrible for communicating and collaborating with your lab. Quartzy was created to simplify your workflow, including organizing orders and managing inventory. Here are some ways Quartzy beats spreadsheets:

1. Quartzy is easy to access!
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Gone are the days of searching through emails, Dropbox, and Google Drive for the correct version of your order history. Access the right version on Quartzy from any web browser.

2. Your whole team can easily join, and you can set permissions
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You can set group permissions so your lab mates can’t ruin everything. They can, however, request items to order from anywhere—so now everyone should know what the heck is going on. 

3. You can store as much information on Quartzy as you want
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Slow spreadsheets bogged down with years of order history will be things of the past. Ever try to scroll through a spreadsheet with 20,000 line items? (Yes, we've lost hours of our lives that way, too.)

4. No more duplicate orders
Quartzy keeps all requests in one place, and automatically updates your inventory when orders arrive. That means instead of spending $350 on the antibody already in your -80, it's pizza party time!

5. We have AWESOME support!
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Really, I'm not just saying that! Who do you call when Excel crashes or stops loading? That's the age-old question asked every day. With Quartzy, no need to worry. We have your back with responsive email, chat, and phone support. 

Have you been managing your orders and inventory on a spreadsheet? No worries! We will happily help you upload them so you can ditch Excel and expedite an organized and efficient lab! 

6. We save you money with automatic quotes!
No more comparing vendors, waiting for quotes, or relying only on institutional pricing for savings on lab supplies. Quartzy leverages our own vendor contracts to bring you competitive pricing on lab supplies as soon as your group reports that they need something! Can spreadsheets do that? Didn’t think so. Here’s one example among thousands who have saved money with Quartzy.


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Monica Velarde

Monica Velarde