5 reasons Quartzy beats whiteboards for lab management

Monica Monica Velarde

Whiteboards are super fun to draw on. But are they useful and easy for organizing lab orders? Not so much. As Quartzy’s Customer Support Lead, I get to see daily how our free platform helps labs get and stay organized so scientists can focus on research rather than, say, "organizing" orders and inventory on old-fashioned whiteboards that can be hard to read—and too easy to erase. Here are just a few reasons why Quartzy is a better alternative that will save your lab time and money.

1. Quartzy has great handwriting!
Now, does that say catalog #2832-B or #2832-8? Who can really tell?! With Quartzy, you'll stop wasting time deciphering illegible handwriting.

2. You'll never run out of space.
Room on a whiteboard is finite. Space on Quartzy? Unlimited. And nope, you don't even need to erase!

3. Quartzy will automatically update your inventory with your order information
Why not save time by using a system that combines your order history and your inventory?! Scrambling to take inventory right before a lab inspection will be a thing of the past.

4. We remember your order history!
No need to transfer all the information from the whiteboard to your ordering system to a spreadsheet. Handle your requests and purchase history all in one place, and never risk forgetting catalog numbers. Re-ordering supplies is a breeze for everyone.

5. You can communicate with anyone, any time, anywhere
Did you forget to tell your lab manager that the vital antibody that will make or break your experiment is running low? With Quartzy, you can submit a request anywhere!

Quartzy is the world’s No. 1 lab management platform. We help scientists easily organize orders, manage inventory, and save money. We’re free and always will be. Visit Quartzy.com or reach out at info@quartzy.com.

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Monica Velarde

Monica Velarde