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Aliyah W.

Aliyah is a science communicator with a PhD in immunology, currently based in Boston. You can find her on Twitter @desabsurdites and on her blog at www.aliyahweinstein.com.

Simplifying immunofluorescence microscopy workflows with VECTASHIELD®

Immunofluorescence imaging is a useful laboratory technique for visualizing tissue structure, protein localization, and many other features of tissues and cells. Choosing the best mounting media is paramount for the success of immunofluorescence

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Antibody Product Review: Jackson ImmunoResearch

Secondary antibodies are a vital reagent for any fluorescent detection technique, including flow cytometry and imaging. That’s because while primary antibodies are important for detecting a protein of interest, it’s the secondary antibodies that

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Inside the Head of a Peer Reviewer

So you’ve been asked to review your first scientific article - congratulations! Being asked to review an article indicates that you’ve made an impact through publishing and presenting your own research – whether you were invited directly, or asked

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3 Tips for your lab safety inspection

It can be the most dreadful time of the year – no, not the stressful few weeks leading up to the holiday season – but lab inspection time. Typically occurring yearly, a lab inspection ensures that both the lab space and lab members are adhering to

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Scientists

Happy New Year! With the start of a new year often comes the opportunity to plan changes you want to change in the coming year. And while most people make resolutions related to their personal life, scientists should think about making career-focused

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No, scientists don’t really get holidays.

Labs always tend to be quieter during December, as people wind down their experiments and travel for the holidays. It can also be a challenging time, as reagent stocks, equipment, cell lines, and animal colonies still need to be maintained, but with

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Stuck in the lab for the holidays? Here's how to stay thankful

The holiday season can be challenging for scientists if the timing of experiments prevents you from taking the time off you wish that you could. This holiday season, I challenge you to reframe your mindset, so that even when things aren’t going your

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Yes, the lab needs cleaning. Here's your plan to get the job done.

Housekeeping is never a fun task – that’s why “spring cleaning” has become a once per year job grudgingly undertaken by most people. Unfortunately, however, in order for labs to run efficiently and produce high quality research, housekeeping must be

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Lab Miscommunications: An unfortunate but avoidable source of stress

“Wait, this isn’t the reagent I ordered!”

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Ready your Resume: Naturejobs Career Expo is here

Graduate students and postdocs looking to network for their future career prospects are often lacking in such opportunities at their universities. Instead, it can be useful to look outside of the university setting, to events organized in the

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