Katharina Hennig

Katharina is a PhD student in her final year employed at LiPhy in Grenoble, France. Working in the field of mechanobiology, she investigates the crucial role of the mechanical cell-substrate interaction during the initiation of migration. Lately she developed a strong passion for science communication - writing about her professional experiences and discovering the power of social media in science. Find and follow her on twitter @katha16777.

Behind the Scenes of a Scientific Conference

Gatherings of experts in the field play a major role in science. We all occasionally attend seminars, workshops and conferences – and not just because of the free coffee. We aspire to extend our scientific network, catch up on latest research or

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How an outline transformed my research - A PhD publishing experience

We all feel it: the pressure of publishing. I first felt it when I was at the beginning of my second year as a PhD student. My group and I had flown overseas to the conference of the American Society of Cell Biology. A meeting that attracts each

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