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Quartzy and Brex: Partnering to Drive Efficiency in Life Science Purchasing

In a new partnership, Quartzy’s streamlined platform for communication, ordering and keeping inventory up to date, and Brex’s life science specific credit card are offering labs exponentially increased efficiency, saving managers and buyers significant amounts of both time and money.

Quartzy is the world’s leading lab management system, completely online, free and dependable. Twenty-five thousand small- and medium-sized R&D organizations, both private and academic, use Quartzy to consolidate workflow in one easy-to-use, cloud-based service.

Brex offers a first-of-its-kind life science Mastercard for purchasing and T&E. With higher limits, custom controls and rewards specifically targeted to the life sciences, it’s an efficient way to streamline your lab’s bookkeeping, receipts and audit compliance.

Together we’re now offering generous sign-up incentives to save life science labs significant amounts of time and money.

With hyper-concentration on helping you migrate your current systems, free training and world-class customer service, the transfer to Quartzy is quick and painless.

And the many benefits after moving to Quartzy make this platform even more convenient and cost effective. With 8 million products in its catalog and more than 1.8k trusted brands on offer, consolidating a lab’s management with Quartzy saves 20% on the bottom line and untold work hours.

Built into its normal ordering program, Quartzy automatically finds product alternatives and the best deals without you asking for them. Effortless Quotes is exhaustively researched and verified by experienced experts across the life sciences.

The Quartzy Guarantee is a commitment to every aspect of purchasing--unbeatable support, quick and easy product fulfillment, accelerated shipping (free on orders of $99 or more), and tracking packages door to door. Any and all issues are resolved quickly and proactively.

With top-notch products from brands like Zymo Research and GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Quartzy is being used successfully by world-renowned universities like Stanford, industry-leading companies like Dow Chemical and government entities like the USDA.

Brex has introduced a life science credit card to help lab managers and buyers confidently control a company’s spend. This card, built on the Mastercard network, offers more life science specific points back than any other card, covering conference tickets, CROs, lab supplies, software and more.

In fact, using your Brex card wins you twice the points on all lab supplies, and multiplies conference tickets by seven and T&E expenses by four. Anything else you use the card for gives you double points back making every purchase even more beneficial.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Brex’s life science corporate card is the underwriting process. Eligibility isn’t based on the credit scores of a startup’s founders, or a personal guarantee like the security deposit required by banks.

Instead it’s based solely on available cash, and no credit check means no putting credit scores at risk. As a result Brex’s card has 10-20 times higher spending limits than a traditional corporate card, which means even bigger benefits in regard to points back.

Quartzy and Brex have partnered to offer immense sign-on bonuses at both companies. Brex customers who sign up with Quartzy receive up to $10,000 in account credit. Quartzy customers who sign up with Brex receive 25,000 bonus points on their card.

Companies like Synthego, OrcaBio, Antithesis Foods and Chronus Health have already taken advantage of this new partnership.

This is the first collaboration of its kind, and is giving life science labs across biotech, pharmaceuticals and academia unprecedented ease of payment, communication, ordering, inventorying, benefits and, ultimately, huge savings of both time and money.


Emily Yeomans
Emily Yeomans

Emily has a BA in Communications and an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a Marketing Specialist at Quartzy and resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children.


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