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Quartzy Fulfillment Center: Fast Shipping means Efficient Research 

Here at Quartzy, our mission has always been to empower labs with the tools and resources they need to drive scientific progress. Since our founding in 2011, we’ve grown into a substantial community of over 160,000 scientists and their lab managers representing more than 13,000 laboratories. To date, we’ve helped our members save millions of dollars in addition to the countless hours that would have otherwise been lost through inefficient lab operations.
Today, we’re as committed to our mission as ever, and we’re excited to announce our next step in that commitment with the launch of our first Quartzy Fulfillment Center (QFC). Located in Redwood City, California in the heart of the Bay Area biotech scene, our new fulfillment center promises to bring plenty of new benefits for our Quartzy users. Here are just a few of the more immediate perks you’ll be able to enjoy:

An easier purchasing experience

By stocking the most in-demand supplies from our portfolio of over two million products, we’re bringing greater availability to the supplies you need to keep your lab moving. Instead of wasting time jumping between vendor websites to buy all of your supplies, having our own fulfillment center allows us to offer everything you need in one place. Now you can consolidate all of your ordering work with Quartzy as your one-stop-shop for lab supplies. 

Faster delivery times 

Operating our own fulfillment center enhances our ability to streamline order processing and logistics. We’ve done away with the industry standard of long lead times by having all of our orders ship within 3 hours of checkout. You’ll also spend less time waiting on the critical reagents you need thanks to our significantly faster shipping speeds. 

Enhanced support

Urgent order? Shipping details? Packaging and product questions? You won’t have to wait around for answers. With a direct line to our fulfillment center, our support team can provide answers to all of your order questions faster than ever before. Get peace of mind and more control over how you get your supplies. The best support in the industry just got even better.

Moving Forward

The Quartzy Fulfillment Center is just the beginning. As we continue to scale up operations we’re keeping an eye on future expansion across the country to further improve availability and offer you the best possible buying experience. All of us at Quartzy look forward to helping your lab drive scientific progress.
Check out our Quartzy Catalog and start ordering through our fulfillment center today.

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