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Taking ACTion on Sustainable Purchases in the Lab

As anyone who has ever worked in a lab knows, scientific research requires significant resources.  From energy-intensive equipment to boxes of nitrile gloves, the environmental impact of a single laboratory can be enormous… and there are a lot of

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Eco-Friendly Lab Practices: Saving the Environment and the Greenbacks

You are at the forefront - pushing the frontiers of scientific discovery and innovation. You know all too well of the seemingly endless bench work and rapid consumption of biotech consumables. We’re talking plastic dishes and plates, carcinogenic

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5 Things holding your lab back from success

What is a successful lab? Some may argue that a well-funded lab is a successful one. Others may say that frequent publications define success. Happy students, researchers, and employees. Cutting edge research. Patents. World Impact. No matter how

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Buying lab supplies: How to find trusted alternatives that save money

If you're a scientist working on a tight budget ― which is most of us these days ― you face a familiar dilemma: how to stretch your funds as far as they can go without compromising the quality of your work.

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