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Simplifying immunofluorescence microscopy workflows with VECTASHIELD®

Immunofluorescence imaging is a useful laboratory technique for visualizing tissue structure, protein localization, and many other features of..

Emily Yeomans June 8, 2020

Shifting Priorities: Quartzy Suppliers Contribute in Time of Need

It’s no secret Quartzy works with the best suppliers in the industry. As part of the Quartzy marketing team, keeping up with their current happenings..

Emily Yeomans April 27, 2020

3 Culture contaminants you hate and how to save your cells

Sterile cell culture practice is key to avoid contamination by microorganisms, which would then interfere with the integrity of your cell system and..

Brittany Carson July 13, 2017

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells: PBMC isolation, preservation, and culture

The human immune response is a complex and dynamic system involving several different cell types and hundreds of signaling molecules and pathways...

Marine Barnabe May 31, 2017

Cell viability assays: Alternatives to the MTT assay

In Cell viability assays: MTT assay application and protocol, we discussed the most commonly used cell viability assay. We will now look..

Marine Barnabe May 2, 2017

Molecular cloning of PCR products: Transformation and colony screening

Cloning is a ubiquitous multi-step technique in molecular biology labs. We have previously discussed restriction digestion and ligation, so it’s time..

Daad Abi-Ghanem April 11, 2017

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