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Quartzy Fulfillment Center: Fast Shipping means Efficient Research 

Here at Quartzy, our mission has always been to empower labs with the tools and resources they need to drive scientific progress. Since our founding in 2011, we’ve grown into a substantial community of over 160,000 scientists and their lab managers
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Quartzy Launches Extensive Online Product Catalog of Over 2 Million Lab Supplies from More than 600 Manufacturers

Palo Alto, CA – (Feb. 12, 2018) – Quartzy, the only free online laboratory management platform offering an extensive lab supply ordering system, announced today the launch of its Quartzy Catalog, creating a centralized place online where labs can

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Ready your Resume: Naturejobs Career Expo is here

Graduate students and postdocs looking to network for their future career prospects are often lacking in such opportunities at their universities. Instead, it can be useful to look outside of the university setting, to events organized in the

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Your new solar eclipse plan: Contribute to research

The solar eclipse that will pass over the United States on August 21st is a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a marvel of science in action - though total solar eclipses anywhere in the world only happen approximately every 18 years, there has

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