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Watch on Demand: How World-Changing Biotechs Streamline Lab Operations

Over the last few years, Biotechs across the industry have been stretched more than ever seeking new ways to do more with less. Driving efficiency in laboratory management is a great way to accelerate the pace of research and scientific discovery, while saving time and money.

Long-time Quartzy customer BIOMILQ is a woman-owned, science-led, and parent-centered biotech startup, developing novel technology to make human milk outside the body to create an infant nutrition alternative. BIOMILQ is committed to empowering parents in nourishing their most precious person on the planet.

Watch the one-demand webinar to hear BIOMILQ and Quartzy discuss essential strategies to streamline research and improve a lab’s operational efficiency.


Hear from BIOMILQ about accelerating discovery in an efficient lab


For additional information about the Quartzy platform and how it can improve your lab productivity, schedule a product demo. To sign up for a free trial account, click here.


Monica Lovoi
Monica Lovoi


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