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Quartzy’s Vendor Integrations Improve Communications and Increase Transparency

Placing an order for lab supplies can often feel like a shot in the dark, especially today when supply chain issues threaten reliability and timely delivery of items. Scientists submit item requests, lab managers place orders, and then the waiting begins.

For our customers, the situation was particularly challenging when they submitted requests to vendors that weren’t integrated with Quartzy’s platform. Because suppliers offer differing levels of insight into order status, customers often had little information on delivery timelines and potential delays. As a result, many reached out to Quartzy for support and updates. 

But without order integrations with these vendors, the process from order confirmation to invoicing was largely manual for the Quartzy Operations team. Typically, it entailed contacting the vendor directly for answers, which took time and created delays for both vendors and end users. The result was a less than ideal customer experience. 

With our new supplier partner integrations, order communication is more proactive, seamless, and transparent.

A More Informed Order Experience  

As we integrate with a growing number of supplier partners through order integration, we automatically receive key pieces of information from vendors, including order confirmations, backorder notifications, and other updates. 

That means Quartzy’s team can:

    • Proactively send our customers order and shipping confirmations
    • Transparently communicate with our customers about potential delays
    • Have immediate insight into order status when our customers reach out for support

Communication is a key element of overall customer experience. By keeping customers better-informed on their orders, we’re delivering the level of service that scientists deserve. 


Want to learn more about our supplier integrations and partnerships? Need help placing an order? Reach out to us today! If you’re a supplier interested in setting up an integration with Quartzy, learn more here!

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Monica Lovoi
Monica Lovoi


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