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Behind the Scenes of a Scientific Conference

Gatherings of experts in the field play a major role in science. We all occasionally attend seminars, workshops and conferences – and not just because of the free coffee. We aspire to extend our scientific network, catch up on latest research or

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How an outline transformed my research - A PhD publishing experience

We all feel it: the pressure of publishing. I first felt it when I was at the beginning of my second year as a PhD student. My group and I had flown overseas to the conference of the American Society of Cell Biology. A meeting that attracts each

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International research: The secret for travel and career growth in grad school

In the short term, overseas research experience allows scientists to expand their network, acquire new experimental techniques, and become acquainted with a variety cultures. Long term, it enables one to collaborate with international colleagues,

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8 Tips for mental and physical health in grad school

Graduate school is one of the most mentally and physically exhausting experiences. Many of us find ourselves navigating a range of new responsibilities, including teaching, coursework, and side projects, all on top of our main thesis or dissertation

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Scientists in the wild: How to network anytime, anywhere

Allow me to set the stage: a summer evening. A group of strangers pile into a cafe to play board games. Amid the discussion of what games to play and food to order, introductions abound. Then, you hear the fellow next to you say that he works at a

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This is why we need time machines: A PhD reflection

As I enter into what is likely the final year of my PhD in the Biomedical Sciences program at the University of California San Diego, I regularly find myself contemplating the last four years. Although my experience has been a generally positive

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