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Meet Quartzy's Women in Science

At Quartzy, we’re proud to work with amazing women who have helped shape our platform into what it is today. Many of our employees come from scientific backgrounds that help them deliver better service and solutions to Quartzy customers. We asked a handful of our former scientists to tell us a little bit about their research and how it helps them make Quartzy the industry’s best laboratory inventory solution.


Samantha Savage

Customer Success Manager

Samantha spent over 11 years in academia, including managing a genomic core facility and identifying targeted therapies for leukemia. She became a laboratory manager of a research center at OHSU where she guided a 100+ member research team using Quartzy as their order management system. The platform became an essential part of the lab and she developed great relationships with the support team. When Quartzy reached out with an opportunity to leverage her lab management expertise to build a new Customer Success team, it felt like a no-brainer. Today Samantha helps thousands of researchers worldwide get the most out of their Quartzy subscription.


Libby Daniels

Customer Success Manager

Libby started her research career focusing on diseases including cancer, diabetes, and even cholera. When it comes to laboratories, she’s managed just about every type you can imagine. From small academic labs, to fast-growing biotech startups, to middle school STEM camps - she’s seen it all. This collection of experiences has given her a well-rounded understanding of the needs of different labs, and the researchers and administrators that keep them up and running. She used Quartzy to control the chaos in the lab groups she managed, and as a CSM she loves helping others use it to do the same.



Mary Parsons

Life Science Product Specialist

Prior to joining Quartzy, Mary worked in two different academic labs studying cardiac metabolism and the genetics behind iron absorption. Her work earned her deep understanding of a wide range of laboratory procedures and experimental designs, as well as experience with many types of laboratory instruments, equipment, and consumables. Today she leverages this knowledge to better understand the technical specifications and features of lab products to provide informed product recommendations to customers and help them troubleshoot issues.


Chloe Larson

Associate Product Manager - eCommerce

Chloe started her research career as an undergraduate preparing samples in an environmental toxicology laboratory studying heavy metal exposures. She went on to join the team at Santa Cruz Biotechnology (a Quartzy supply partner!) working in the Monoclonal Antibody Quality Control lab, using western blots to validate the performance of their antibody products. This experience taught her to appreciate the importance of product quality in research and informs her role in shaping the Quartzy Shop.




Kayleigh Kearnan

Life Science Product Specialist

A biological "jack of all trades," Kayleigh has served as a laboratory technician studying botany, public health, molecular biology, ecology, cryopreservation, and cell therapy. She’s still expanding horizons by working on an M.A. in addition to working at Quartzy, studying how migrating fish utilize passage modifications to hydroelectric dams. This varied background and ability to learn quickly makes her the perfect fit to identify high-performing lab supply alternatives that can help Quartzy Shop customers save money and avoid research delays when products go out of stock.


Monica Lovoi

Customer Marketing Manager

Monica began her career in science supporting a zebrafish research program in a developmental biology laboratory. She helped researchers collect and measure fish embryos to track their development. Her experience in the lab gave her a deep appreciation for the hard work that lab managers do to keep supplies stocked and experiments running smoothly. She loves helping Quartzy customers learn how to use the platform to help their labs run more efficiently and seeing all the amazing work our customers do!



Elizabeth Fabozzi

Product Marketing Lead

Elizabeth started her career working in environmental sciences, botany, and entomology, studying unique solutions for controlling invasive cactus moths that threaten native cactuses of the American southwest. Her team synthesized a moth hormone that prevented cactus destruction. She uses her research background to lead Quartzy's product marketing team helping to develop go-to-market plans for Quartzy's features, products, and services. 






Mara Unkefer

Senior Content Writer

Before joining the Quartzy team, Mara spent nearly a decade in biological research, working in behavioral and molecular biology laboratories studying how early life experiences impact animal development, behavior, and immune function, working with animals ranging from frogs to rhinos. This hands-on experience has proven valuable in her career as a science communicator and helps her develop insightful marketing content for Quartzy.





For scientists, by scientists

A love for science and passion for solutions drives everything we do at Quartzy. We’re committed to making lab life easier for scientists, because we’re scientists ourselves! To learn more about our inventory management solutions and world class support team, Request a Demo today!

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Mara Unkefer
Mara Unkefer

Mara is a scientist-turned-storyteller based in Baltimore, MD.


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