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The Power of Quartzy in Your Pocket

Introducing the next wave of innovation from Quartzy - The mobile app. We are excited to announce you can now access the power of our platform from the phone in your pocket. We've already revolutionized lab supply management and the way labs are buying, tracking, and managing supplies with our connected lab platform and we could not be more excited to introduce the Quartzy mobile application to the world!

Why is downloading the app so great?

We know first hand that tracking inventory in real time is almost impossible since everyone in the lab is using supplies every day. It usually falls to one or two people to do a daily, weekly or possibly monthly inventory of supply areas to keep an accurate count. We often see customers performing their inventory checks with a notepad or clipboard, then the information is copied over manually into the Quartzy platform - we are aiming to streamline this process with our new mobile app. The mobile app allows anyone in the lab organization with inventory editing privileges to track and update inventory, creating a more up to date view of what’s available so supplies can be ordered in time and no experiment is delayed.


How it works

Quartzy Barcodes: A Dream Come True 

Wouldn't it just be a dream if you could use your phone to scan any item in your inventory or stockrooms, update the quantity in stock, and if the stock is too low, create a request right from the there?! What about if you could scan a packing slip and have items automatically added to inventory? Well that dream is now a reality thanks to Quartzy barcodes and our mobile app.

How to get started with our Mobile App + Barcodes

  • Log in to your Quartzy web-app account on your computer
  • Follow the instructions to print out your lab's unique barcodes 
  • Place the barcodes in front of the appropriate stockroom item
  • Download the mobile app
  • Login to the mobile app with your Quartzy credentials 
  • Select the action you want to perform
    • Update In-Stock Quantity - Scan the barcode to add or remove items from inventory
    • Request More - If the item is low in stock, create a request right from the app
    • Receive Items - Scan packing slips and receive items into inventory


Not ready for barcodes? No problem

Get started using the app today! Simply use the manual search function to find the item you want to update. You can complete the exact same actions above to update the inventory, create a request, or scan packing slips. 


Anyone with a Quartzy account can download and sign in to the app - scientists, researchers, lab managers, interns, students, you name it! Having more people in the lab contributing to the supply management will result in achieving your lab’s eureka moment faster by keeping accurate inventory with Quartzy mobile app to keep all of your experiments running on time. Even for finance and procurement teams - stay in compliance with chemicals and purchasing workflows by receiving items into inventory and by scanning packing slips with the mobile app.


To learn more about our Mobile App, please visit our Support Center or contact us at support@quartzy.com. For additional information about the Quartzy platform and how it can improve your lab productivity, request a product demo. To sign up for a free trial, click here.


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Elizabeth Fabozzi


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