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Watch on Demand: Inventory Management Webinar Series

The new year is just around the corner so this is a great time to prepare for a fresh start in 2023. Our team recently presented a 3-part webinar series all about inventory management including best practices for closing out the year and an in-depth overview of the new Mobile App

We had hundreds of users attend this series live and ask a ton of great questions! Watch these webinar recordings on demand whenever it suits your schedule and hopefully you will come away better prepared and confident that you can use all the tools available to you in Quartzy to get your inventory in order.


Session 1: Bulk updating and importing inventory, inventory customization



Session 2: Preventative workflows and best practices for re-requesting to keep inventory up to date, min/max thresholds



Session 3: Printing barcodes, placement suggestions and using the Quartzy Mobile App


For additional information about the Quartzy platform and how it can improve your lab productivity, schedule a product demo. To sign up for a free trial account, click here.


Monica Lovoi
Monica Lovoi


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