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Quartzy's Support Starts With the Customer

Support is at the core of everything we do at Quartzy. With the supply chain still strained and orders often delayed or even backordered, dealing with suppliers can be frustrating for our end users. We’re here to alleviate that burden.

Our support agents aren’t an ordinary team—many are product specialists with life science backgrounds, dedicated to offering a proactive, personalized, and thorough service to our customers. In fact, some have worked in labs just like yours. On a typical day, they help users find the supplies they’re looking for on Quartzy’s ecommerce platform. But when challenges arise, the team goes above and beyond to recommend product alternatives and workarounds.  

Just one example of their unique approach? When LiteTouch System (LTS) pipette tips were in short supply, Chloe Larson, Catalog Data and Technical Support Manager at Quartzy, received many calls from scientists in desperate search of these popular items. 

“People really like the LTS tips and if they're using those, they wanted to stick with them. But given all the supply chain issues, we had to really think outside the box. We had limited options,” she said. From recommending universal tips that could do the job, to suggesting that users purchase non-sterile tips that are autoclavable, Larson offered creative solutions.

And that’s not the only way we support our users. Support permeates every part of the customer experience from sales to order tracking, and everything in between.


Quartzy’s Cycle of Support

  • Our account executives engage with potential users, demonstrating to lab administrators and scientists how Quartzy can meet their lab management needs. 
  • Our customer success team provides set-up support, customizing the platform for the individual lab or organization, enabling integrations, and providing training for lab members.
  • Our product support team tackles questions about the platform, offering troubleshooting and addressing bugs within one business day.
  • Our life science product specialists vet our suppliers and all the products that we sell in the Quartzy Shop. With a deep understanding of the market as well as experimental design, they can offer guidance when scientists are choosing between similar products, or suggest viable alternatives when preferred items aren’t available.
  • Our ecommerce customer support team checks price and item availability, notifying customers about estimated deliveries or backorders. Our experts are among the most proactive and thoughtful in the industry, informing customers about any anticipated problems or delays, often before they even realize it.


At Quartzy, we start with the customer. It’s our number one core value. We serve your lab, including scientists, administrators, and operations teams, offering end-to-end support so that you can spend less time on troubleshooting, and more time on groundbreaking work. It’s how we’re able to maintain a customer satisfaction score of 97%. More importantly, we’re always happy to answer your questions, listen to feedback, and discuss your platform needs. Just reach out!


Email support@quartzy.com and we’ll route your question to the right team! For additional information about the Quartzy platform and how it can improve your lab productivity, check out our product demo. To sign up for a free trial account, click here.


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Monica Lovoi
Monica Lovoi


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