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What labs need in addition to an ELN to keep them operating smoothly

Every scientist knows the value of an electronic lab notebook (ELN). It’s a powerful alternative to a traditional notebook, designed to record and organize research notes and data digitally. In fact, more than half of research organizations (57%) report using ELNs to improve data management and collaboration on their teams.

But an ELN alone is simply not enough to maintain a well-organized, highly functioning, and forward-thinking lab. An ELN’s capabilities typically include data tracking, management, and security. But when it comes to inventory management or ordering and tracking supplies, its functionality is limited. 

To keep experiments on track and drive innovation, labs have to stay on top of their stocks—it’s essential that they have a system in place that facilitates order requests, tracks shipments, and keeps communication flowing between researchers and lab managers that handle orders. That’s where Quartzy can fill a critical gap. From enabling inventory management, to handling order requests and notifying users about their order status, Quartzy unifies lab operations into a single, easy-to-use platform. 

And scientists don’t have to say goodbye to their ELN. On the contrary, Quartzy seamlessly integrates with ELNs through Webhooks and Public APIs. With interconnectivity between the two platforms, researchers can use their ELN notes and data to gain greater insight into supply needs and, in turn, request items via Quartzy as needed.

Other major benefits to using Quartzy:

  • Proactive Inventory Management: Stay up-to-date on stock levels. Plus, stay tuned for a new feature: automated updates when supplies run low!
  • Timely Updates: Receive order confirmations and shipment notifications to keep lab members informed of order status.
  • eCommerce Shop Access: Browse 10 million products from 1800 suppliers on the Quartzy Shop.

Quartzy works hand-in-hand with an ELN to keep labs operating smoothly. Manage not only your data, but also your inventory, supplies, and orders. Add Quartzy to your lab software stack today.  

For more information about the Quartzy platform and its capabilities, sign up for a demo.

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Monica Lovoi
Monica Lovoi


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