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Tranquility in the Lab: A Case for Organization

What needs to be ordered? Are my kits here yet? Did I order this already?

Enter: Northwest Pathology, a leading provider of pathology services for over 25 years. At present day, Quartzy answers all these questions, keeping their labs up-to-date. However, things weren’t always as streamlined as they are today.

Lab manager Jeremy Johnston discovered Quartzy while searching for an antibody. Face-to-face with an upcoming order, Jeremy was knee-deep in the painstaking processes of old: printing spreadsheets; recalling mental thresholds; making notes of what needed to be reordered; handing the spreadsheet to purchasing; dealing with backorders and duplicates.

Jeremy was immediately intrigued by Quartzy. An online platform built to tackle these problems, all the while remaining free to use? He bounced the idea off of a colleague— what if they adopted Quartzy as a system?

Quartzy was a hit at the company right away. The web-based database fit everyone’s needs: accessible from anywhere; unlimited data storage; status updates on orders and backorders; price quotes on their items; all centralized in one place. Plus, as Jeremy likes to say, It’s hard to argue with free!”

After a productive conversation with Monica, a Quartzy Support specialist, the Northwest Pathology team was ready to migrate to Quartzy. With the help from Monica, migration was fast and painless. Years later, Jeremy still has glowing words for Quartzy Support. I have NEVER had to wait more than 1 day to get a response on anything,” he says. Typically, I receive an answer to any question I’ve had in a few hours… or minutes. Exceptional!” 

A versatile, flexible system, Quartzy integrates with a wide variety of popular tools, like the KanBan cards used at Northwest Pathology. Every organization can configure Quartzy to fit its own needs, too, and it does more than make life easier— it saves money. Quartzy’s Effortless Quotes feature has, to date, saved Northwest Pathology $4,114.70 on lab supplies alone. 

After adopting Quartzy, orders run smoothly; redundancy is obsolete; order workflow is less manual (and less tedious). The lab runs at maximum capacity without hiccups. Karen, the company's bookkeeper and purchaser, now pays the invoices with efficiency and certainty. She even wrote a grateful email to her colleagues, saying, This is really helping my processes it makes entering bills more timely. Thanks so much for implementing this!” 

What supplies do we need? Are my kits here yet?

For Northwest Pathology, those questions are a thing of the past. As Jeremy likes to say,

All it took was the first order with Quartzy and we were sold.



Quartzy is the world’s No. 1 lab management platform. We help scientists easily organize orders, manage inventory, and save money. We’re free and always will be. Visit Quartzy.com or reach out at info@quartzy.com.

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Sara Schonfeld
Sara Schonfeld

Sara is the Head of Growth Marketing at Quartzy. When she's not marketing the #1 lab productivity software, she's busy making memories and soaking in the sun with her family in Redondo Beach, CA.


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