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We want YOU to shape the future of Quartzy!

Do you frequently use Quartzy? Are you passionate about improving the efficiency of your lab? If so, then you may be interested in joining our Trusted Tester Program!


One of Quartzy’s core values is to always start with the customer. After some incredible growth and some exciting new feature releases, we are upping the ante on that value by launching our Truster Tester Program. This program was designed to keep our customers and their needs center to everything we do.

As a member of the Quartzy Trusted Tester Program, you would help our product teams understand the daily issues you face in your lab, help us discover new solutions to address those issues, and get first-hand looks at the solutions we are developing.


Those who are accepted into the Trusted Tester Program can expect:

  • The opportunity to influence our strategic roadmap and prioritization of future innovations
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on new products and features in usability studies. 
  • Early access to new features and first invites to beta test groups.
  • Foster relationships with key decision makers within Quartzy.
  • Receive swag, gift cards, or other gifts as a thank you for your insights!


We understand your time is valuable, so we’ve designed the program to be as efficient as possible. Membership in the Quartzy Trusted Tester Program is valid for one year, and members commit to participate in a single one-on-one, one-hour long session per quarter and potentially two larger panel sessions during their membership year.

The Quartzy product teams will review the topics and challenges indicated on your application to invite you to sessions that address your interests and needs, ensuring you are in discussions and usability tests that are valuable to you. You’ll have the opportunity to express your unique pains and ensure our solutions address them!

Does joining the Trusted Tester Program sound like an opportunity you don’t want to miss? Then fill out this application, which helps us get to know you, your organization, and the challenges you are facing.

Earlier this summer, we made an announcement about ramping up our investments in the Quartzy platform and outlined some broad focus areas. Now, we want to keep you updated on some specific improvements you can expect to see in the coming months.

Trusted Tester Program Application

If you have any specific questions about how this program is run, the expectations, or any other topics, please feel free to reach out to trusted.tester@quartzy.com. You can also download the program charter here for more details.

Trusted Tester Program Charter

We look forward to working with you!


What is the Trusted Tester Program?
The Quartzy Trusted Tester Program is run by the Quartzy product team and allows selected users to provide input on or test new products and features before they are available for general release.

Who is eligible for the Trusted Tester Program?
All users are welcome to apply. Acceptance into the program will be based on various criteria set by the product teams. If a user is selected to participate, they will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and commitment form before officially joining.

What do you get for being a Trusted Tester?
The biggest reward is the opportunity to influence and provide feedback on Quartzy’s products and product strategy. Cash or gift compensations are also provided after each session you participate in!

How do people sign up to be a Trusted Tester?
Users can sign up here.

Do you have to be an existing user to be a Trusted Tester?
Yes. This program is limited to currently active users only.

What if I change my mind/want to opt out?
You can opt out by contacting trusted.tester@quartzy.com.

If I’m selected for membership, do I have to sign up again after my one year commitment is up?
Yes, we ask those with expired memberships to please reapply. The updated information on your form will ensure we have an accurate understanding of your lab environment and the evolving needs of your team so we may invite you to appropriate sessions.

This is exciting stuff! Can I invite my colleagues to join?

If I change roles to a new organization, can I still participate?
Yes, but only if your new organization is a Quartzy user. We will also ask that you fill out the application form with your updated information.


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Sara Tokarchuk
Sara Tokarchuk


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