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How Next Science Leverages Quartzy for Holistic Lab Operations

For life science organizations to develop innovative therapies and life-changing medical products, efficiency is critical. Finance departments, for example, are essential for keeping lab operations running smoothly, managing budgets and ensuring payments for supplies and services occur without delay—so scientists can stay focused on their research and groundbreaking discoveries.

At Next Science, a company that manufactures products to prevent bacterial biofilm (a dangerous condition that can occur during surgery), the finance department is a lean team of three. And, up until recently, the trio was tasked with a complex, error-prone process when it came to making payments on supplies. 

Though Next Science has leveraged Quartzy to automate and centralize supply purchasing and management since 2017, transferring purchase order data from Quartzy into its accounting tool, NetSuite, was an entirely manual task. Now, with the introduction of Quartzy’s new integration with NetSuite, the arduous process has become a thing of the past. The product upgrade saves Next Science’s finance team valuable time, automating the data transfer process, improving data accuracy, and making operations more efficient.  

Streamlining Finance Operations 

When Quartzy’s NetSuite integration was first introduced, the team at Next Science was fast to jump on board. Joanne Baxter, staff accountant at Next Science quickly saw the benefits in the simplicity and streamlined operations the integration would provide. 

Before the update, Baxter used Quartzy and NetSuite separately to track purchase orders and manage operational costs, copy-pasting data and constantly comparing it across both platforms to ensure consistency. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also left room for human error. But through the integration, this data transfer is entirely automated—orders placed via the Quartzy platform are ported over into NetSuite with just a few clicks. 

"It's such a time saver. I would say that by using the integration instead of logging orders manually, it cuts 40% off my time."

A month into using the NetSuite integration, Baxter has noticed a significant impact on her workday, “It’s such a time saver,” she says, “I would say that by using the integration instead of logging orders manually, it cuts 40% off my time.” She’s also noticed improved accuracy in the data thanks to the connectivity between the two platforms. And, with the time saved from Quartzy’s NetSuite integration, the Next Science finance team has been able to dedicate more effort towards other tasks, like expanding its team. 

Keeping Product Portfolios Evolving

By keeping supply operations running smoothly without financial setbacks or supply chain delays, Next Science can continue to innovate without skipping a beat. The company just launched Xperience, a lavage that kills bacteria inside wounds and doesn’t have to be washed out––it’s a transformative product for surgeons who perform hip and knee replacements, where infection prevention is critical. 

“It’s exciting being part of this team because the things that we make really do help people’s lives in big ways,” says Baxter.   

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Sara Schonfeld
Sara Schonfeld

Sara is the Head of Growth Marketing at Quartzy. When she's not marketing the #1 lab productivity software, she's busy making memories and soaking in the sun with her family in Redondo Beach, CA.


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