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Breathing New Life Into Transplantation Research


For Maryland-based Lung Biotechnology, a subsidiary of United Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ: UTHR), disorganized inventory management is not an option. They are developing life-saving therapies for fatal lung diseases and ensuring adequate lab inventory levels is vital to keeping its lab running smoothly and its research operations moving forward.

Before Quartzy, managing lab inventory was riddled with unnecessary complexity and inefficiency. Having to order a wide range of essential lab supplies on a daily basis, tracking orders from request through fulfillment had become a full-time endeavor. According to Lung Biotechnology's Michael Brown, the manual ordering process was not only labor intensive, but it was also cutting into lab productivity.

“It would take me hours to track down and order a dozen different types of supplies, antibodies, and consumables each day. And the work wasn’t done once I placed an order,” says Brown. “Supply chain transparency is the backbone of a productive lab. I need to be able to easily track the status of any order, at any time. If an item we need is backordered or runs into a shipping issue and I don’t have early visibility into it, it can bring lab operations to a halt.”

The Solution

At the recommendation of an employee who had used Quartzy in another organization, Lung Biotechnology began exploring Quartzy’s automated lab inventory and tracking software. 

“For nearly 20 years before moving into lab operations, I was a scientist working in the lab. I understand the pain of walking into the stockroom and not having the pipette tip or reagent you need to perform your work,” says Brown. “It was important to me that the inventory management solution we selected was easy to use and could streamline work at every level, from scientists to managers to administrators.”

After a seamless sales experience and with a trusted referral, Lung Biotechnology selected Quartzy. What stood out for Lung Biotechnology was Quartzy’s ease of use, time-saving automation features, advanced reporting capabilities, and responsive and knowledgeable customer service team.

“We now use Quartzy to track inventory and order nearly all of our lab supplies,” says Brown. “It keeps our lab organized and efficient so that we can stay focused on our mission of making life better for lung transplant patients everywhere.”

The Benefits

Not only is the ordering process faster and easier with Quartzy, but the level of customer service Brown and his team receive from Quartzy has also proved to be a significant advantage. 

“Quartzy’s customer service is incredible. If something I need is backordered, the team proactively alerts me and helps track it down from another vendor,” says Brown. “It’s been a huge time-saver. Placing an order is easy, but two weeks down the line when a scientist asks me where an order is, I don’t have to get out the shovel and start digging.” 

With enhanced supply chain visibility, Quartzy has also helped Lung Biotechnology improve budget planning and allocation. “Quartzy’s reporting capabilities give me instant visibility into all lab spending so we can simplify the annual budgeting process, more accurately allocate lab costs, and improve procurement workflows,” says Brown.

“Scientific laboratories are supposed to be at the forefront of innovation and technology, yet many are hampered by manual, outdated lab workflows,” says Brown. “Quartzy modernizes our lab workflows, allowing us to spend less time on process-related tasks and more time on what matters most—the life-saving outcomes we are working to achieve.”

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Sara Schonfeld
Sara Schonfeld

Sara is the Head of Growth Marketing at Quartzy. When she's not marketing the #1 lab productivity software, she's busy making memories and soaking in the sun with her family in Redondo Beach, CA.


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