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Good to Know: What is the Request Module and Why Should You Use It?

People often come to know Quartzy for one or two of our modules. For some users, it’s all about the shop ecommerce feature. Others, meanwhile, use the inventory tool to track every detail of their lab supply. But there’s another key tool that can have an immediate impact on customer workflow: the request module.

What is the request module? Quite simply, it coordinates supply orders across the whole lab so anyone involved in the ordering process knows who has made requests and what the status of each order is—regardless of whether you are making purchases through the Quartzy shop or elsewhere. It tracks order history, as well as records who received items and marked orders complete. 

What follows are the top three benefits of using the request module. 

1) It’s Your Digital Shopping List 

Whether you are using the Quartzy shop or an outside vendor, the request tool allows you to keep track of all your lab supplies in one place. Often, users assume that they have to use the tools together: shop and request. But even if you don’t purchase from the Quartzy shop, you can store all of your purchasing information within the tool, and everyone on the team —including managers, researchers, and finance colleagues—can have visibility.

2) It Integrates with Other Systems
Many labs use other technologies, from finance software like NetSuite or QuickBooks Online. These tools are meant to keep you organized, but sometimes the accumulation of tech can lead to confusion and duplication of work. We get it—that’s why we’ve built Quartzy to be the connective tissue that unifies other tools. 

Using Microsoft Teams or Slack? Quartzy integrates with those productivity suites to send updates when your requests have been fulfilled or are on the way. And our NetSuite integration makes budgeting and spend tracking more seamless.

3) It Helps You Comparison Shop

One of the most common questions we get from customers is whether they can continue to shop with a vendor they have negotiated pricing with, even after signing on with Quartzy. The answer is: of course! But we also like to remind users that Quartzy is a distributor, with pre-negotiated pricing that might be even more competitive than what you have contracted. One way to find out is to use the request tool—put in a request for the item you’re shopping for along with the pricing that you have contracted, and we’ll quickly show you whether we can procure the item at a lower price. 

Bonus: It’s Your Ultimate Communication Tool
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the request module provides a transparent way to track everything you need in your lab. Lab managers and others can connect specific requests with related projects. This gives you a global view of what has been ordered or is needed, and it also helps align budgets. And you can add comments directly into the module, further streamlining communication. 

With the continuing supply chain challenges, it’s more important than ever to be able to closely track where items are along the supply chain. And then, once items are received and stored, Quartzy helps you track those locations and stay on top of inventory—one of the most critical components of keeping your lab running smoothly.   

Ultimately, the request module is especially powerful when used in concert with the Quartzy shop and inventory module. When the tools are used together, Quartzy’s end-to-end lab inventory management enables accountability, transparency, and organization. 

To learn more about the request tool, take a tour here


Samantha Savage
Samantha Savage

Samantha's career began centered around her passion for scientific research. She has spent 10+ years contributing to this mission as a scientist, laboratory manager, community volunteer and mentor/trainer. She has found a new passion in supporting large scientific programs by applying her creative problem-solving skills, knowledge of the field, and attention to detail as a Customer Success Manager at Quartzy.


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